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Please note this is not a complete listing of all Issuances / Listings, but only those that public account holder have requested to be publicly available.

Issuance: The creation of a credit in accordance with the specific rules and protocols of a standard or a program.

Markit PIU Listing: Upon request by Account Holder, and at Markit’s sole discretion, Markit may permit the Account Holder to list Units that are pending issuance as PIUs in the Markit Registry as a way to track the Account Holder’s forward sales of Units.

UK Woodland Carbon Code PIU Listing: A Pending Issuance Unit (PIU) is effectively a ‘promise to deliver’ a Woodland Carbon Unit during a given period, based on predicted growth. It is not ‘guaranteed’, and cannot be used to report against emissions until verified. However, it allows companies to plan to compensate for future emissions.

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