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Retirement Date Vintage Project Account Beneficial Owner Standard Project Type Retirement Quantity Measurement Type Details
18 May 20182013 - 2014JARI/AMAPÁ REDD+ PROJECT  Verified Carbon StandardREDD630VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 5505-239668505-239669134-VCU-001-MER-BR-14-1115-15022013-14022014-0

Aposentadoria de 630 tCO2e referente a soma das emissões dos escopos 01 e 02, conforme Inventário de Emissões de Gases de Efeito Estufa da Rio Paranapanema e Rio Sapucaí-Mirim, ano-calendário 2017 (CTG Brasil).

20 Mar 20172013Bundled Wind Power Project in Tamilnadu, India, co-ordinated by Tamilnadu Spinning Mills Association (TASMA-V2)  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources27,000VCU (tCO2e)UNIT

Serial No.: 4923-205213284-205240283-VCU-048-APX-IN-1-1353-01012013-31122013-0

Carbon offset: VCS/ÖkoPLUS VERs from Tamil Nadu; 2016; Kinect Energy Green Services AS

21 Sep 20172011Bundled wind power project by KMSPL, Bangalore  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources47,833VCU (tCO2e)UNIT

Serial No.: 5314-223789067-223836899-VCU-048-APX-IN-1-324-01012011-31122011-0

Biomax S.A.,NIT 830136799-1 ha neutralizado para Octubre 2017, la cantidad de 47833 toneladas de CO2e a favor de Biomax S.A.,NIT 830136799-1 en cumplimiento al Decreto 926 de 2017, correspondientes a 2500000 galones de combustible Gasolina y 2500000 galones de combustible ACPM (Sin Mezcla), por medio del proyecto cuyo titular es Terra Global Capital, LLC identificada tax ID 20-5944755.

16 Dec 2016201214.70 MW Wind Power Project at Jath, Maharashtra  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources203VCU (tCO2e)UNIT

Serial No.: 4203-178301672-178301874-VCU-030-APX-IN-1-1155-08062012-16122012-0

MEC Global Sydney: 203 VCUs retired for FY2015/16

28 Mar 20172014 - 2015Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project  Verified Carbon StandardReduced emissions from deforestation & degradation3,113VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 4680-193110029-193113141-VCU-006-APX-ZM-14-1202-01012015-31122015-0

FedEx - 2017 Nomination 1: Carbon Offsetting 40,169 VER's

25 Nov 20162012 - 2013Hyundai Steel Waste Energy Cogeneration Project  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources119,960VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 4742-195800747-195920706-VCU-015-APX-KR-1-786-01012012-31122012-0

BASE & PEAK on behalf of Stadtwerke Norderstedt to offset its CO2-Footprint/Report 2016

13 Mar 20132001Rocky Farm Methane Recovery and Electricity Generation Project  ISO 14064 - 2Livestock, enteric fermentation & manure management1,689VER (tCO2e)UNIT

Serial No.: ISO-VER-PH-100000000000087-01052001-31122001-1-1689-MER-0-P


13 Mar 20132003Rocky Farm Methane Recovery and Electricity Generation Project  ISO 14064 - 2Livestock, enteric fermentation & manure management2,597VER (tCO2e)UNIT

Serial No.: ISO-VER-PH-100000000000087-01012003-31122003-4309-6905-MER-0-P


13 Mar 20132004Rocky Farm Methane Recovery and Electricity Generation Project  ISO 14064 - 2Livestock, enteric fermentation & manure management2,771VER (tCO2e)UNIT

Serial No.: ISO-VER-PH-100000000000087-01012004-31122004-6906-9676-MER-0-P


13 Mar 20132005Rocky Farm Methane Recovery and Electricity Generation Project  ISO 14064 - 2Livestock, enteric fermentation & manure management2,812VER (tCO2e)UNIT

Serial No.: ISO-VER-PH-100000000000087-01012005-31122005-9677-12488-MER-0-P


06 Feb 20152006Methane Capture, Flare and Utilization at Tyson Wastewater Treatment Facilities - Joslin  Verified Carbon StandardWaste handling & disposal6,708VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 13-926497-933204-VCU-001-TZ1-US-13-14-01012006-31122006-0

Retired on behalf of Tarpon Property Ownership 2 LLC, Goodman Commerce Center – Eastvale

23 Dec 20132004Zamdela Air Quality Project  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources1,081VER (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: VCS-VER-ZA-100000000000166-01012004-31122004-1750210-1751290-MER-0-P

for clients CNG 2012

15 Jul 20142007Methane Capture, Power and Heat generation from Coal Mine Gas in the Concession HER-TEUTO  Verified Carbon StandardMining/Mineral Production15,000VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 346-12229648-12244647-VCU-009-TZ1-DE-8-176-01052007-31122007-0

CO2-Zertifikate klimaneutraler Strom fuer goldgas SL GmbH

09 Dec 20142004Ewald 1/2/7 Utilization of Coal-Mine-Methane  Verified Carbon StandardMining/Mineral Production28,617VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 302-10135116-10163732-VCU-009-TZ1-DE-8-155-01012004-31122004-0

Stadtwerkenergie OWL, klimaneutrales Erdgas

20 Nov 20132007Her-Fried Utilization of Coalmine Methane  Verified Carbon StandardMining/Mineral Production40,000VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 321-11285437-11325436-VCU-009-TZ1-DE-8-162-01052007-31122007-0

Klimaneutrales Erdgas, ESWE Versorgungs AG

Retirement of a unit: The permanent removal of a credit from circulation in the registry system.

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