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Retirement Date Vintage Project Account Standard Project Type Retirement Quantity Measurement Type Details
30 Oct 20142013Balikesir 142.5 MW Wind Power Plant ProjectSouth Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd.Gold StandardWind79,092VER (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: GS1-1-TR-GS971-12-2013-2912-48836 to 127927

GoldPower for Electricity Consumption: 20141030 #14_314_300190_1616_A SAP SE 130,000MWh

Please note this is not a complete listing of all Retired Credits, but only those that public account holder have requested to be publicly available.

Retirement of a unit does not necessarily constitute the offsetting of an environmental impact. Where a unit is 'retired' on the Registry, it is being taken out of circulation in the marketplace so that any Environmental Benefit that may underpin that unit cannot be dealt with again.

A PIU represents the anticipated Environmental Benefits that are expected to be generated from a project in the future. A PIU does not represent an actual Environmental Benefit. Once the Environmental Benefit has occurred (e.g. the emission reduction or removal from a project) and has been verified in accordance with the relevant Standard, the PIU will be cancelled and an equivalent Unit will be issued under the Standard against which the project is validated and verified. Where a PIU has been sold to another party, the PIU will be listed in the account of the new owner based on a contract between the seller and the new owner which has been seen by Markit. However, Markit provides no assurance or guarantee that any PIU will be converted to a Unit and simply evidences the facts that such rights are anticipated and under contract may have been assigned to a third party.
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