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Retirement Date Vintage Project Account Beneficial Owner Standard Project Type Retirement Quantity Measurement Type Details
21 Oct 20142007Lugouhe Hydropower Station Project  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources1,000VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 660-30401160-30402159-VCU-009-TZ1-CN-1-325-01062007-31122007-0

for CNG clients 2013

01 Jul 20142006-200942.5 MW Wind Power Project by VRL Logistics Ltd in Karnataka State (India)  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources84VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 640-29573849-29573932-VCU-003-APX-IN-1-257-28102006-21032009-0

Deutsche Telekom, Juni 2014

29 Apr 2016200186 MW Hydro Project in Himachal Pradesh  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources17VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 667-30652106-30652122-VCU-009-CDC-IN-1-93-05072001-31122001-0

Klimaneutralstellung der Gas-Tankstellen 01.01. – 31.12.2015; Stadtwerke Bietigheim-Bissingen GmbH

17 Jun 20152007Mungcharoen Green Power - 9.9 MW Rice Husk Fired Power Plant Project  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources26,700VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 677-31017401-31044100-VCU-009-TZ1-TH-1-256-23012007-31122007-0


17 Jun 20152009Saldanha Small Hydroelectric Project  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources134VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 679-31098438-31098571-VCU-001-TZ1-BR-1-385-01012009-15032009-0


21 Oct 20142008Bandeira and Capelli Ceramics Fuel Switching Project  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources2,565VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 263-8342367-8344931-VCU-008-TZ1-BR-1-143-01012008-31122008-1

for CNG clients 2013

Additional Certification: Social Carbon

18 Dec 20192009Grouped Hydropower Plants in Chongqing, Yunnan,Sichuan and Guizhou Provinces, P.R. China Signify BVVerified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources14,230VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 828-40182535-40196764-VCU-010-TZ1-CN-1-438-01012009-05062009-0

Retired on behalf of Signify

01 Dec 20142004-2007Methane Capture, Power and Heat generation from Coal Mine Gas in the Concession HER-TEUTO  Verified Carbon StandardMining/Mineral Production157VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 345-12224456-12224612-VCU-009-TZ1-DE-8-176-01082004-30042007-0

Deutsche Telekom, November 2014

18 Mar 20132006New Zealand Household Energy Efficient Lighting Projects (HELP)  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Demand500VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 146-5335463-5335962-VCU-001-TZ1-NZ-3-79-01012006-31122006-0


17 Jul 20132009Babilonia Hydroelectric Project  Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sources2,000VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 798-39088833-39090832-VCU-009-TZ1-HN-1-141-01012009-01032009-0


27 Jan 20202009‘Guanaré’ Forest Plantations on degraded grasslands under extensive grazing Tambuzi- P.O. Box 1148- Nanyuki 10400- Kenya- AfricaVerified Carbon StandardAfforestation / Reforestation3,807VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 7744-426493213-426497019-VCU-007-MER-UY-14-959-01012009-31122009-0

Tambuzi P.O. Box 1148 Nanyuki 10400 Kenya Africa

27 Jan 20202009‘Guanaré’ Forest Plantations on degraded grasslands under extensive grazing ATP Tour Inc.- Palliser House_Palliser Road London- W14 9EB- United KingdomVerified Carbon StandardAfforestation / Reforestation5,114VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 7744-426488022-426493135-VCU-007-MER-UY-14-959-01012009-31122009-0

ATP Tour Inc. Palliser House Palliser Road London W14 9EB United Kingdom

18 May 20182013 - 2014JARI/AMAPÁ REDD+ PROJECT  Verified Carbon StandardREDD630VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 5505-239668505-239669134-VCU-001-MER-BR-14-1115-15022013-14022014-0

Aposentadoria de 630 tCO2e referente a soma das emissões dos escopos 01 e 02, conforme Inventário de Emissões de Gases de Efeito Estufa da Rio Paranapanema e Rio Sapucaí-Mirim, ano-calendário 2017 (CTG Brasil).

29 Jan 20202012 - 2013Redd Forests Grouped Project: Protection of Tasmanian Native Forest Frasers Property AustraliaVerified Carbon StandardImproved forest management48VCU (tCO2e)UNIT View

Serial No.: 3291-148274695-148274742-VCU-016-MER-AU-14-641-16042012-15042013-0

Retired on behalf of APN Funds Management Limited to support its carbon neutral claim against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Building Standard for, Building A 1A Homebush Bay Drive, from 01/09/2018 to 31/08/2019

29 Jan 20202010 - 2015Katingan Peatland Restoration and Conservation Project Ovo Energy OVOENERGVerified Carbon StandardREDD3,768VCU (tCO2e)UNIT

Serial No.: 6250-288468531-288472298-VCU-006-APX-ID-14-1477-01112010-31102015-1

Retired on behalf of OVO Energy's Q3 2019 Green Tariff Customers

Additional Certification: CCBS Third Edition - Gold Level

Retirement of a unit: The permanent removal of a credit from circulation in the registry system.

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