Registry - Public View

Assignment Date Vintage Project Account Standard Project Type Assignment Quantity Measurement Type Details
28 Nov 20172017ArBolivia- Phase IIPRIMAKLIMA e.V.Gold Standard LUFA/R1,959VER (tCO2e)Validated View

Serial No.: GS1-1-BO-GS2951-22-2017-3145-127799 to 129757

PRIMAKLIMA CO2-Kompensation Privatspender 2016

07 Dec 20182017ArBolivia- Phase IIPRIMAKLIMA e.V.Gold Standard LUFA/R152VER (tCO2e)Validated View

Serial No.: GS1-1-BO-GS2951-22-2017-3145-135526 to 135677

PRIMAKLIMA CO2-Kompensation Privatspender 2017

07 Dec 20182017ArBolivia- Phase IIPRIMAKLIMA e.V.Gold Standard LUFA/R1,000VER (tCO2e)Validated View

Serial No.: GS1-1-BO-GS2951-22-2017-3145-132784 to 133783

PRIMAKLIMA CO2-Kompensation Privatspender 2017

Please note this is not a complete listing of all Assigned Credits, but only those that public account holder have requested to be publicly available.

Assignment: An activity in which a holder of Validated Units commits to retire those Units upon verification. Assignment is irreversible, and an Assigned Unit will be retired immediately upon verification.

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