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Programme for the application of advanced hull coatings to reduce shipping fuel consumption (ID: 103000000001451)

The Programme of Activities (PoA) consists of the application of improved hull coating to ship hulls. The type of coating most commonly used on ships is a self polishing copolymer (SPC) which slowly releases a biocidal antifouling agent. The Programme Coordinating Entity is the manufacturer of the advanced coating products, International Paint. The three advanced hull coating products to be included in this PoA are denominated Intersleek 1100SR, Intersleek 900 and Intersleek 700. Intersleek 1100SR is a fluoropolymer-based silicone system and is a modification of Intersleek 900; Intersleek 900 is a fluoropolymer foul-release coating while Intersleek 700 is a silicone foul-release coating. Intersleek products are substantially lower in toxicity compared to biocidal systems. Moreover, the use of Intersleek 1100SR, Intersleek 900 and Intersleek 700 reduces hull friction and hydrodynamic drag, reducing fuel consumption. Ships are generally propelled by engines that use fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide (CO2) when burnt. CO2 is a greenhouse gas (GHG) and its emissions are the main source of global warming. Reduced fuel consumption through the use of the improved hull coating would reduce CO2 emissions. Therefore all projects within the PoA would both reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well as reduce contamination of seawater by reducing the release of paint and entirely avoiding the release of any biocidal antifouling agent. The proposed PoA would be implemented by International Paint (IP), the manufacturer of the advanced hull coatings. IP will be the aggregation entity for projects within the PoA.

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