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Guaraí, Itabira and Santa Izabel Ceramics Fuel Switching Project(ID: 100000000000015)

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Sustainable Carbon- Projetos Ambientais Ltda
The project activity is the grouping project of Guaraí, Itabira and Santa Izabel Ceramics, which are three small and prototypical ceramic industries that produce structural ceramic devices like bricks destined for the regional market. The grouped project activity is located at Itaboraí Municipal District, State of Rio de Janeiro. In accordance to an IBGE1 research realized in 2007, Itaboraí has 215,792 inhabitants occupying an area of 424 Km², and was founded in 1672. The economy of the city is sustained mostly for Ceramic industries, horticulture, subsistence agriculture, and others. The activity of this grouping consists of utilizing wood from afforestation and woody residues (such as wood chips), which are renewable biomasses, to feed the kilns rather than using a non-renewable fuel like heavy oil. Such a switch was a pioneering practice in the region.

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CarbonVerified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sourcesNo
Rio de Janeiro,Brazil
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