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Zamdela Air Quality Project(ID: 100000000000166)

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Climate Neutral Group
The project is located in the township of Zamdela in the Free State province of South Africa in the Metsimaholo District Municipality, adajacent to the town of Sasolburg and the Sasol Infrachem plant. The project started with a pilot phase in 2003 when demonstrations were done to approximately 3027 households. In 2004 8192 households attended demonstrations in Zamdela. The project activity is facilitation of behaviour change from bottom-up to top-down ignition of domestic coal fires. This is done through demonstrations in street, houses and public places. The improved top-down ignition methods is called Basa Magogo or Basa Mama. The effect of the project activitiy is that coal users to use an improved top-down ignition method that leads to more efficient use coal and thus savings in coal consumption. It also leads to a dramstic reduction in indoor and ambient air pollution, better visibility and reduced health risk. There are no negative secondary effects.

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Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sourcesNo
Zamdela,Free State Province,Sasolburg,South Africa
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