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Sofala Community Carbon Project (formerly the N'hambita Community Carbon Project)(ID: 100000000000169)

Account Holder
Envirotrade Carbon Limited
Project activities: Afforestation & Reforestation; Agroforestry; Forest Conservation & Avoided Deforestation The project aims to develop sustainable land use and rural development activities in the Gorongosa National Park buffer zone in Sofala State, Mozambique, linked to carbon payments. The project has been working with the community in the Chicale Regulado, a collection of villages, to assess the potential of these activities to generate verifiable carbon emission reductions. The project has produced systems and procedures that may be used throughout the Miombo biome and beyond.

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
Plan VivoForestClimate, Community and BiodiversityNo
Plan VivoForestNo
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