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Scolel té Natural Resources Management and Carbon Sequestration Project (ID: 100000000000170)

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Sociedad Cooperativa Ambio
Project activities: Afforestation & Reforestation; Agroforestry; Forest Conservation & Avoided Deforestation; Forest Restoration The Rainforest Alliance verified the project's compliance with Plan Vivo Monitoring Protocols. The title of the project Scolel te which translates as the tree that grows, in Tzeltal and Tjolobal was chosen by farmers participating in the project. It is the original Plan Vivo project and the name of the system Plan Vivo is derived from Planes Vivos or work plans which are created by farmers participating in the project. It now includes over 2000 families of indigenous Mayan and mestizo farmers in 30 communities in central and northern Chiapas and communities in the northeast of Oaxaca.
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Plan VivoAfforestation / ReforestationNo
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