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Methane Capture, Power and Heat generation from Coal Mine Gas in the Concession HER-TEUTO(ID: 100000000000189)

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Carbon-TF B.V.
Coal Mine Gas (CMM) is an unavoidable occurrence of hard coal mining. CMM mainly consists of the harmful green-house-gas methane (GWP 21). Even after shut down mining activities the CMM escapes over many years through open shafts and cracks in the overburden directly or diffuse into the atmosphere. In this project the CMM will be sucked out of an old mine gallery, which will be reached by a drilled well. The methane will be burned in co-generating units to the less harmful CO2. The co-generating units produce power and heat, which displaces conventional produced power and heat and therefore save an additional amount of CO2.

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CarbonVerified Carbon StandardMining/Mineral ProductionNo
Kohlenstrasse,North Rhine-Westphalia,D-44623 Herne,Germany
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