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Sexton Energy Des Plaines Landfill Methane Recovery and Destruction Project(ID: 100000000000200)

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The Sexton Energy Des Plaines Landfill Methane Recovery and Destruction Project (the "Project") is a voluntary carbon emission reduction activity in the United States of America that captures and destroys fugitive methane and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) from a closed former waste handling and disposal (solid waste management) site. Located in northern Illinois near the city of Des Plaines, the Project includes gas collection and power generation systems built by the project proponent (Sexton Energy, LLC) to recover and burn the former waste disposal site's landfill gases, which otherwise would have been emitted to the atmosphere and contributed to global warming.

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
CarbonVerified Carbon StandardWaste handling & disposalNo
Illinois,Des Plaines,United States
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