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Hsikou Hydro Power Project(ID: 100000000000281)

Account Holder
Swiss Carbon Value Ltd.
The project activity involves the development of a 11.52 MW (installed capacity) grid connected run-of-river hydropower plant. It produces electricity by utilizing downstream flow from Zengwen reservoir to Wushantou reservoir at different elevations. The maximum effective capacity of the proposed hydro power plant project is 11.52 MW x 0.9 = 10.368 MW. At full capacity, the aggregated output of the project is expected to be in average of 48,784 MWh/year, which is to be delivered to the grid, Taipower.

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sourcesNo
Liujia and Dongshan Townships,Tainan City,Taiwan
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