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MRF wind power project in Tamilnadu managed by Enercon India Limited(ID: 100000000000546)

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The project under consideration is set up to produce clean power from the wind electric converters. The generated electricity is wheeled using the Tamil Nadu's state transmission system for captive consumption. The Project leads to reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions because it displaces electricity from fossil fuel based electricity generation plants. The project considered has used the barren land at Nettur site, Tirunelveli in the state of Tamil Nadu. The project is helping in bridging the demand supply gap by using wind as a source of generating electrical energy. The Project considered harnessed renewable resources in the region, thereby displacing non-renewable natural resources thereby ultimately leading to sustainable economic and environmental development.

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
Verified Carbon StandardEnergy Industries - renewable/non-renewable sourcesNo
Tamil Nadu,India
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