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The Cochabamba Project
ArBolivia is an alternative business initiative to promote reforestation and economic development of small farmer families. The initiative seeks practical solutions to worldwide deforestation, climate change, and poverty in developing countries. The current focus is on reforestation but during the second half of 2011 it will be widened to include conservation and restoration of existing forests and to address forest degradation. ArBolivia will reforest 6,000 hectares in the sub-tropical lowlands of the Amazon Basin in Bolivia through small-scale forestry plantations with local farm families, using almost entirely native tree species. Since reforestation activities cannot be seen in isolation from other livelihood activities, project participation begins in all cases with the elaboration of an Integrated Land Use Plan. ArBolivia together with local rural smallholders promotes rural and productive development through reforestation activities, forestry plantation management and the provision of environmental services that generate economic resources and equal benefits for all stakeholders.
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Plan VivoAfforestation / ReforestationNo
Casella 6511,Cochabamba,Cochabamba,Bolivia, Plurinational State of
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