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Dak Pone Hydropower Project(ID: 100000000001109)

Account Holder
Vietnam Carbon Assets Ltd.
The project activity involves the construction of two small-scale sub-hydropower plants including Dak Pone hydropower plant and Dak Pone - Expansion hydropower plant with an installed capacity of 14 MW and 1.6 MW, respectively. The total installed capacity of the plants is 15.6 MW and estimated annual gross power generation is 69,100 MWh. The project activity generates renewable power with negligible Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, which displaces part of the electricity otherwise supplied by fossil fuel fired power plants.

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
Verified Carbon StandardRenewable EnergyNo
Dak Pone and Dak Ne rivers,Kon Tum,Kon Plong district,Viet Nam
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