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Conservation International
The Alto Mayo Protected Forest (AMPF) covers approximately 182,000 hectares of land in the Peruvian Amazon of extremely high value for biodiversity conservation and watershed protection. This area forms part of the Abiseo-Condor-Kutukú Conservation Corridor, one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world which houses an incredible number of endemic plants and animals of global importance and whose forests gives rise to several major rivers which provide clean and abundant water supplies and support several economic activities of the local population living in the Alto Mayo basin. The threats to the area have increased in the last decade with the development of regional infrastructure projects and the rising price of coffee -the main crop grown in this area- leading to increasing deforestation and the subsequent loss of ecosystem services that this NPA provides. This scenario will continue unless new mechanisms are designed to add value to the standing forest so that it can compete economically with other land uses. In response, Conservation International and its allies in the region designed the Alto Mayo Conservation Initiative (AMCI), whose main goal is to promote the sustainable management of the AMPF and its ecosystem services for the benefit of the local populations and the global climate. With the financial support of carbon financing, these actions are facilitating the conservation of large expanses of forest with associated climate change mitigation benefits, while also creating opportunities for the sustainable development of local communities.

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San Martin,Peru
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