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Nanyang Danjiang River Solar Cooker Project Phase I(ID: 103000000001552)

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Sirreon Technology & Development (Beijing) Co.,Ltd
Nanyang Danjiang River Solar Cooker Project Phase I project (hereinafter referred to as the ¡°proposed project¡± or the ¡°project¡±) located in the southwest of Henan Province, which is invested and implemented by Sirreon Technology and Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. This region is an ideal area for solar energy utilization. The project involves the distribution and installation of 48,000 sets of solar cookers for rural households. The daylighting area of each solar cooker will be no less than 1.7 m2 and the rated output is 773.5Wth. The rated and maximum total installed capacity of the project is 37.128MWth and 42.073MWth respectively. The beneficial population is anticipated to be 172,806 once the project is put into operation.

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
CarbonGold StandardSolar Thermal – HeatNo
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