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Zhongshan County Micro Hydro Project Bundle No.2(ID: 103000000001830)

Account Holder
Swiss Carbon Value Ltd.
The project consists three hydropower stations: Baishijiao stage I hydropower project, Gongtan hydropower project and “Aohua stage I hydropower project” of Zhongshan county, which are using hydropower resource to generate electricity. Gongtan hydropower project are located in Wenyu town of Mengshan County, Guangxi Province, P.R. China, the Baishijiao Stage I hydropower project and “Aohua stage I hydropower project” of Zhongshan county are located in Zhongshan county, Hezhou city, Guangxi province. Baishijiao stage I hydropower project: Baishijiao village, Liang’an Township of Zhongshan County. Gongtan hydropower project: Ziran village, Wenyu town of Mengshan County “Aohua stage I hydropower project” of Zhongshan county project: in the Tushan village, Liang’an township of Zhongshan County. The hydropower stations are all run-of-river type stations, each consists water retaining dikes, water diversion tunnels, press tubes and hydrologic turbines and g

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
CarbonGold StandardSmall, Low-Impact HydroNo
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