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WWF Mamize Firewood-Saving Cook Stove Project I(ID: 103000000001836)

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South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd.
the project is to replace 411 three-stone-fire and mud stove with firewood-saving cookstove. It's one of the 4 micro projects in all of WWF cookstove. The project is expected start construction in October 2011. WWF Swiss will afford all the stove pre-investment in return of future GS VERs. Most of the inhibitions of the project location are Yi Minority. The traditional living habits of them have the surrounding forest degrade rapidly and make huge influence to the reserve. The Yi people cut down a huge amount of wood each year for heating and cooking. Due to the inconvenient traffic and the week power supply system and high electricity price, the-re is no other power solution to replace the wood consumption. The income of the inhibitions are much lower than average level, mainly consisted of the subsidy from retire farmland to forest, agriculture, livestock farming, planting financial trees and collection under-tree resources.

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CarbonGold StandardOtherNo
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