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Arusha Improved Cookstoves Project(ID: 103000000001884)

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This project will involve the distribution of 20,000 energy efficient stoves within a number of wards in Meru District, near Arusha Tanzania. Most families in the area use the traditional 3-stone cooking stove that produces a big fire and consumes large amounts of firewood. This means that a lot of time is spent collecting firewood that would be used otherwise for other developmental activities. The three stone fire also produces a lot of smoke which causes respiratory disease, particularly in women/girls who use it for cooking, but also in young children of both sexes and other people (e.g. the elderly) who spend a lot of time indoors. The use of this inefficient cooking method also has unintentional negative impacts on the environment surrounding local people. The project will be attempting to address these issues by distributing energy efficient stoves to households in Meru District.

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CarbonGold StandardEnergy Efficiency – DomesticNo
N/A,Tanzania, United Republic of
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