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Tanga Improved Cook Stove Project(ID: 103000000001885)

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This project will introduce energy efficient cook stoves within Tanga and Muheza Wilayas and will reduce fuel use and associated greenhouse gas emissions by end users. Other benefits will include contributions to local issues such as deforestation and illnesses caused by smoke inhalation. This is in line with the stated aims of the GS. The project will be classified as small scale, with a maximum estimated emissions reduction of 51 141 tonnes CO2e/year, when applying the 180 GWhth limit specified by the UNFCCC. The project will be carried out inline with the Gold Standard methodology “Technologies and Practices that displace Decentralized Thermal energy consumption’’.

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
CarbonGold StandardEnergy Efficiency – DomesticNo
Tanga,Tanzania, United Republic of
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