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Efficient Wood Fuel Stove-Cooking-Sets, Lesotho(ID: 103000000002016)

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Atmosfair gGmbH
The CDM Gold Standard project will supply households with efficient wood fuel stove-cooking-sets called SAVE80 in several districts of Lesotho where households use mainly firewood as fuel. Each SAVE80 Set contains a stainless steel stove, several pots with lids and a heat-retaining polypropylene box. The SAVE80 is a portable stove developed and prefabricated by a German manufacturer and assembled in Lesotho by the local Implementer Solar Lights. It has a nominal effective thermal power of 1.5 kW and needs only 250 g of small brittle sticks/twigs of wood to bring 6 litres of water to boil, 80% less than traditional open fires. The stove is suitable for cooking, water heating, sterilising, frying, and for baking. After reaching the boiling point, food can be transferred to the heat-retention box, where it will continue to simmer until it is well cooked. The CDM Gold Standard project will disseminate up to 14.000 SAVE80 stove- cooking-sets.

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CarbonGold StandardEnergy Efficiency – DomesticNo
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