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Aberdares Improved Cook Stoves(ID: 103000000002046)

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This project will distribute approximately 23,000 improved cook stoves to domestic users utilising wood as their primary fuel. The stoves are based on a permanent construction of bricks & mortar, providing improved fuel efficiency and reduced indoor air pollution. This will contribute to an improvement of both local and global environmental quality. Stoves will be built in the area surrounding the Aberdares range, Central Province, Kenya. The Aberdares Range is part of the Kenyan Five Water Towers, which are critical as water catchments, vital for tourism, and hence towards achieving Kenya’s vision 2030. Large scale, uncontrolled, irregular, or illegal human activities like charcoal production, logging, settlements, and crop cultivation, among others, caused devastation within the Aberdares range. In the absence of this project, householders in the areas targeted would cook primarily using traditional inefficient 3-stone (open) fires

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CarbonGold StandardEnergy Efficiency – DomesticNo
Central Province,Kenya
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