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Improved Cook Stoves CDM project of JSMBT(ID: 103000000002071)

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Janara Samuha Mutual Benefit Trust (JSMBT)
Janara Samuha Mutual Benefit Trust (JSMBT) is a registered community-based organisation with over 7200 rural women, who have come together for their further economic development. The purpose of the project activity is to replace inefficient traditional cook stoves in 21,500 households with efficient fuelwood single/double pan “CHULIKA” cook stoves, in a biomass deficient district of Raichur, Karnataka State in India. This district has greatly diminished biomass resources and the wood demand far exceeds the available renewable woody biomass. The CHULIKA cook stove saves 67.5% of households’ fuelwood. By reducing fuel wood consumption, the project activity reduces green house gas (GHG) emissions stemming from the use of non-renewable biomass. CHULIKA cook stoves will save 2.01 t of CO2/yr/family in this region. The project activity is expected to prevent 43,215 tCO2 emissions in a year by implementing CHULIKA stoves in 21,500 households, and a total of 432,150 ton

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
CarbonGold StandardEnergy Efficiency – DomesticNo
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