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Likoni and Shimoni Improved Cook Stove Project(ID: 103000000002104)

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This project will involve the distribution of 1637 energy efficient stoves in the Likoni community. Likoni is a district division for Mombasa, Kenya. It is in fact the poorest area in Mombasa, is largely overpopulated, with most of its people suffering from unemployment, poor health and poverty. The lifestyles of the locals within this community often impact negatively on the environment. There is large scale deforestation often due to firewood collection by forest adjacent communities who are forest dependant. These stoves will utilise the efficient rocket technology. They will be manufactured, distributed and installed by local people under the training and supervision of co2balance Kenya Ltd. Initial testing has shown these stoves to be more than 50% more efficient than traditional models as well as it reduces the indoor smoke about 80%. These stoves will be using less firewood and emitting less smoke.

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CarbonGold StandardEnergy Efficiency – DomesticNo
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