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Installation of Biogas Plant by INSEDA Members & Partners(ID: 103000000002261)

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First Climate Markets AG
The purpose of the project activity is to contribute towards the sustainable development of the country through the implementation of household biogas plant and switching from non-renewable biomass like firewood to renewable biogas generated from utilizing animal waste in the rural areas of Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. In the presence of the project activity clean gas from bio digesters generated by utilizing animal and other organic waste is utilized. Thus, the hygienic conditions in the project areas will be improved. In addition, the project activity will lead to reductions in greenhouse gase emissions by displacing conventionally used fuel sources for cooking. Residues from the bio digesters can be used as organic fertilizer and will improve soil conditions in the project areas.

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
CarbonGold StandardBiogas – ElectricityNo
(Kerala & Madhya Pradesh,India
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