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Nagapattinam District Biogas Project for Tsunami affected Poor(ID: 103000000002423)

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The purpose of this emission reduction project activity is to set up 900 biogas plants (digesters) of 2 m3 capacity each for 900 households of Tsunami affected area in Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, and India. Nagapattinam district lies on the shores of the Bay of Bengal with a long coastline of 187.9 kilometers in Tamilnadu state. A major earthquake in Andaman and Sumatra regions leads the Tsunami which struck the district on 26th December 2004 causing huge loss of life and properties and material resources. Lack of access to energy resources which is generic for the poor of this region is further aggravated by the impact of Tsunami. This project engages in methane recovery from manure and wastes from agricultural activities and other sources by changing the management practice of a bio-organic waste. The purpose is to generate methane in anaerobic digesters and combust in gas stoves. Each household will utilize the dung of their cows to feed the digester f

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CarbonGold StandardBiogas – HeatNo
Tamil Nadu,India
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