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*Energeticos Jaremar – Biogas recovery from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) ponds, and heat & electricity generation, Honduras(ID: 103000000002446)

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The proposed project activity involves the covering of two open anaerobic lagoons for the treatment of palm oil mill effluent (POME) at Agrotor’s palm oil mill located in Honduras. The recovered biogas will be utilised on site for the production of heat and electricity. The project reduces greenhouse gas emissions in three ways: (1) by preventing methane emission resulting from the anaerobic conversion of the POME, to the atmosphere by biogas capture, (2) by replacing residual fuel oil (bunker) with biogas and (3) by replacing electricity consumption from the grid with electricity generated from biogas. The project is developed by Energeticos Jaremar S.A. de C.V.(from now on Energeticos Jaremar) and implemented at the Agrotor production facility. Both companies are part of the Jaremar Group, which is an agricultural business leader in the palm oil industry in Honduras. Besides the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions the project contributes to Hondura

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CarbonGold StandardBiogas – CogenerationNo
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