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The Yaeda-Eyasi Landscape REDD project (ID: 103000000004180)

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Carbon Tanzania
Carbon Tanzania, a not for profit business is working with Hadzabe community members from Mongo wa Mono and Domanga villages to institute a REDD project in Acacia / Commiphora woodland in Northern Tanzania. The Hadzabe are one of Tanzania's last remaining hunter gather groups who still maintain a traditional life style (which is entirely compatible with REDD) and until now, have been unable to defend their lands against neighboring agriculturalists who wish to convert their woodlands for farming. Recognizing this, the local village overnments helped them obtain right of occupancy for around 20,000 hectares of woodland that was set aside in the village land use plans for the Hadzabe. However, enforcing the land-use plan requires paying for community guards and support from the village and district governments. Financing from the sale of REDD emissions reductions under Plan Vivo, will help to pay for these activities and give the local governments some incentive to support the Hadzabe people. REDD financing will also be used to support leakage mitigation activities (such as promoting conservation agriculture) in surrounding communities.
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Mongo Wa Mono and Domanga,Tanzania, United Republic of
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