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Lawel Hill (ID: 103000000004381)

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Forest Carbon Ltd
Centre point NY 810240 There are 4 compartments (1,3,4,5) which are all native spp, mainly Sessile Oak, Silver Birch, Ash, Rowan. The aim is to improve farm conservation, to produce marketable timber and provide shelter for livestock. There are riparian elements where the aim is to reduce diffuse pollution. These compartments cover a total of 19.51 net ha. There is also a compartment (2) of 28.9 ha, of which 27.54 is productive conifer and 1.36 is native broadleaves. There are no designations. Previous land use was rough grazing. This will cease. No drainage is required. Ground preparation will be by chemical screefing. The presence of rabbits has and voles means that the use of tree shelters will be required. These woodlands will be important in the landscape, but planted along natural features and will follow the contours of the land blending in naturally with their environment.
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CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeThin and clearfellNo
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