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Overkirkhope is an upland hill farm located in the upper Ettrick Valley in the Scottish Borders. It is owned by the Oliver Family who are keen to diversify the management of the land and restore natural habitats by planting new native broadleaved woodland on approximately 40% of the farmland. The remaining land will be grazed at low intensity to maintain and expand the existing heather cover on the upland area. The proposal will create 127.74 net planted hectares of new native woodland at Overkirkhopel, comprising upland oak-birch woodland (W11&W17), wet birchwood (W4) & ash woodlands (W7&W9). This planting will create a substantial tract of native woodland of high wildlife and nature conservation value and will make considerable contributions towards local native woodland expansion targets and local Biodiversity Action Plans for woodland types (upland oak-birch & wet woodland) and woodland species such as black grouse & juniper. The planting design will follow FC Bulletin 112-Creating New Native Woodlands to create diversity in the structure & species composition of the woodland & will meet FC Forestry & Water Guidelines. Higher areas (above 450-500m) will be planted at a lower density varying 500-1400 stems/ha as determined by suitable soils & will predominantly include species such as juniper, rowan and birch. The lower altitude areas will be planted with a broader range of species and at a higher density to give an overall density across the site of 1600stems/ha. Botanical & archaeological surveys have been carried out identifying existing features of interest that will incorporated into the open ground allocation. 25% of the site will remain as open ground to accommodate wet flushes & burns, deep peat, scree slopes, areas of botanical interest and landscape features. Trees will be planted following adequate ground preparation of screefing and spot spraying. Trees will be flat planted into screefed bare soil. They will be protected from vole/hare/rabbit damage by a combination of 0.6m tubex tubes and 0.4m wraps. Ground preparation will be carried out in the summer prior to planting. The planting area requires the stock fence to be replaced to exclude livestock from the young stems. Newly planted trees will be surveyed regularly for weed competition and potential deer damage. Losses will be replaced, with an estimated loss of 15% anticipated. A secondary herbicide application will be applied with further applications if necessary. It is intended to establish the woodland within 5 years to meet the contractual obligations of the SRDP. Beyond this period deer control will continue to protect against fraying. It is estimated that tubes will be removed from well established trees in year 10. No thinning will be undertaken in the new woodland.
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CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeNo thinning or clearfellNo
Scottish Borders,Ettrickbridge End,Scotland
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