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Forest Carbon Ltd
Kidburngill lies on undulating farmland in Cumbria amongst heavily grazed pastureland. This is a native broadleaf scheme which will provide a visual linkage with the surrounding landscape as well as providing much needed habitat. The intimately planted native broadleaves will be planted in a way as to complement the surrounding landscape. Planting will also take into account public access. Wildlife: The property is surrounded by heavily grazed pasture land, the creation of woodland will provide much need habitat for birds and the choice of tree species reflects this. More generally, the use of native broadleaves is expected to significantly improve the habitat value by linking to the adjacent woodlands. Deer are an important native mammal and 1.2m shelters will be used in preference to deer fencing. The scheme comprises 2 separate EWGS contractsfor adjacent sites which were planted in consecutive seasons. They are identical in character and objectives and have therefore been combined into one PDD. Phase 1 started work in Oct 2008 and completed in Jan 2009. Phase 2 started work in Oct 2009 and completed in Jan 2010 Time-frame: 100 years CO2 sequestration estimated for sale: 18,891 tonnes.
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    CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeNo thinning or clearfellNo
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