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Forest Carbon Ltd
Our intent is to establish native riparian woodland; this is seen as important by the farmer, who wishes to achieve an improvement to the farms conservation and shooting value. The project was planted in April 2008 and will have a duration of 70 years. 1. Location Located in the County of Aberdeenshire the nearest town is St Cyrus (Grid Reference NO770656). The proposed woodlands are to be situated in two small valleys or dens which meet on the coast at Mill of Mathers. The southern den being called the Den of Lauriston and the northern den being called the Denfinella. Lauriston den contains the remains of an old mill and lade this area will be kept free of planting. Denfinella contains a substantial disused railway Viaduct. The planting will not affect this. 2. Carbon and Environmental benefits The project is predicted to sequester 6,662 tCO2e over 70 years. The following environmental benefits will accrue with the establishment of the woodland; the trees will create a ‘NVZ buffer area’ and reduce diffuse pollution to the burn. The tree planting will eventually stabilise the water courses banks and help reduced erosion. The planting of native trees will eventually provide habitats for wildlife.
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    CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeNo thinning or clearfellNo
    Angus,St Cyrus,Scotland
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