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Alladale Phase II(ID: 103000000004418)

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Forest Carbon Ltd
The scheme has 2 compartments centred on GR NH393887 and NH415872. Previous land use was rough grazing and deer stalking. The scheme restores and expands native woodland around some important remnants of Caledonian Pinewood within the North Highlands zone. The scheme falls partly within the Amat Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Alladale SSSI. These were considered thoroughly during the consultation stage. Alladale Estate is committed to restoring wild land of the North Highlands. The establishment of large areas of native woodland greatly strengthens the viability of threatened species such as watervole, otter and Scottish crossbill and Black grouse. The restoration of habitat also provides an opportunity in the future to re-introduce mammals once present in the Highlands. The scheme covers 241.1 gross ha, 155.5 net planted area. Scheme design and species mix aims to mirror the remaining fragments of native Caledonian Pinewood. Deer fencing and mounding by digger and hand where necessary will ensure good tree establishment. All trees are grown from local origin seed. The Pine is from the Amat stand, adjacent to Alladale. Scheme managers are Bowlts, Chartered Surveyors, Inverness.

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CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeNo thinning or clearfellNo
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