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Forest Carbon Ltd
Location: Reathwaite Fm, Brocklebank, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 8DN GR NY300441. Project is expected to sequester 4823t CO2 over 60 years. This is a mixed farrm of arable ground and cattle and sheep. Messrs Pigg who owns the farm also farm chickens, both at Reathwaite and further towards the coast. The current woodland area on the farm is some five hectares which equals three percent of the farms total area. During the months of November and December Messrs Pigg will plant some 11,000 native broadleaf trees on grazing land around the farm. This will triple the woodland area on the farm and provide habitat links, new habitat for a variety of biodiversity, provide a recognised landscape benefit and increase the diversity on the farm. Species that will benefit from the new woodlands consisting of Oak, Ash, Cherry, Birch and Hazel will include the Dormouse and Wood mouse, badger, fox, hare, rabbit and a vast variety of song and woodland birds such as the redstart, woodcock, Great tit, Song thrush and Woodlark. Within Cumbria it has been recognised that the woodland birds are in decline and the woodland planting will provide new habitats for the birds that are decreasing in numbers. Funding is key to allow farmers such as Messrs Pigg to carry out this important work.
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