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Bescaby Diamond Wood (ID: 103000000004461)

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Lockhart Garratt Limited
Bescaby Oaks Diamond Wood has been created with multiple aims with carbon sequestration, landscape enhancement, timber production, biodiversity and public enjoyment all playing a part in its design and future. The main body of the new native woodland, which stretches around 11ha from the main estate buildings connecting with the existing Bescaby Oaks, contains over 5000 selected Oak from registered seed stands chosen for their vigour and potential to be timber for the future. The four bodies of woodland were designed in line with a longer term landscape plan for the estate to create a large parkland environment, framing what are currently arable fields. Throughout all the new woodland compartments, standard tree species have been planted to create points of interest and add to the aesthetic value and biodiversity of the woodland ranging from Purple Beeches to Dawn Redwoods and Wild Service Trees with many other species in between.
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    CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeContinuous cover systemNo
    Leicestershire,Saltby Estate,England
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