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Forest of Mamlorn, Glenlochay woodland creation (ID: 103000000005354)

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Ripa Gar Stiftung
Restoration of permanent native woodland cover on a site historically forested but subsequently extensively cleared during the period of transhumance and completed with the advent of the white sheep economy. The forest design and species selection, is organically fitted to the wider natural landscape and localized soils, to enhance the visual wildness of the Glen and emulate nature as far as possible. The aim is to create extensive areas of woodland and woodland edge habitat in order to increase biodiversity in the Glen . Thus supporting a wide range of native species of both plants and animals such as black grouse and Golden eagles, pine marten and wildcat. In addition it is envisaged that the forests will help alleviate flooding further down the Tay system which effects both agriculture and local residents .The project, will lock up more water in the higher reaches of the river Tay SAC and slow it's release thereby reducing the erosion of soils and subsequent silting of salmon spawning redds.
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    CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeNo thinning or clearfellNo
    glenlochay estate glenlochay,central,killin,Scotland
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