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Applegate RM 28.5(ID: 103000000005877)

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The Freshwater Trust
The Freshwater Trust planted a native riparian buffer on the Applegate River, a tributary of the Rogue River in Jackson County, Oregon. The restoration site is located at river mile 28.5, at an important fall Chinook spawning area. The vegetation was planted to standards required for generating compliance-grade thermal credits using Heat Source version 8. The landowners have granted The Freshwater Trust access to the site for the 20 year life of the project for the purposes of monitoring and maintenance.**Please note: Because the thermal benefits from this site is being used for a water quality trading compliance program in Oregon, and therefore are subject to a 2:1 ratio, half of the certified credits from this site are held in the City of Medford account on Markit and half are held in retirement in The Freshwater Trust’s Markit account.

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Water QualityCOTE: Willamette: Water Quality (Temperature) StandardTemperatureNo
Oregon,United States
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