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Loch Duagrich(ID: 103000000007679)

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Forest Carbon Ltd
The proposal will create a species diverse largely native broadleaf woodland. The localised areas of acidic podzolic soils afford some flexibility with species choice, such that Sessile oak, aspen, and minor species such holly will be included in the species mix. Willows and alders will be concentrated near to watercourses. This will promote a woodland with species, structural and temporal (varying longevity) diversity. The creation of a productive conifer element will enhance the landscape as well as providing a young vigorous resource for carbon capture and sequestration. The woodland will be resilient to the changing climate and will thereby provide robust habitats for the range of species which depend on it. The proposal is consistent with conserving and enhancing biodiversity, including BAP habitats and species, and fits well with the UK Forestry Standard.

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeMixed mainly no thin or clearfellNo
Isle of Skye,Bracadale,Scotland
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