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Kakamega Stove Project(ID: 103000000008880)

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The Kakamega Stove Project aims to disseminate at least 800 fuelwood saving ceramic stoves, so called Upesi-Stoves, in forest adjacent rural communities around Kakamega Forest in Western Kenya. The targeted beneficiaries are all households inside the project boundary which are still using a traditional 3-stone-stove. According to several studies, this traditional 3-stone-stove technology is used by about 80-99% of the households (Habermehl 1994, Myclimate 2011), despite a very low efficiency of about 10%. As a result, huge amounts of firewood are being wasted and the more efficient ceramic stoves have a great potential to reduce the destructive extraction of firewood in Kakamega and its neighboring forests Kisere, Bunyala, Kibiri and Malava, where most of the firewood is collected.

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CarbonGold StandardEnergy Efficiency – DomesticNo
Western Province,Kenya
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