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Forestry Project “More Forests for Medellin”(ID: 103000000009080)

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The project is based in the establishment of forest plantations, silvopastoral systems and assisted models for natural regeneration in areas of grasslands and stubbles in the Municipality of Medellin, department of Antioquia, in order to promote the removals of GHG and mitigate the climate change impacts while taking into account socioeconomic and cultural traditions of population in the area of influence of the Project. Additionally, the project seeks to generate appropriated land use alternatives for the rural areas and promote the recovery of slopes, hills and strategic ecosystems of the Municipality of Medellin. The project also promotes productive alternatives in the rural area to reduce the pressure of the forest relicts and to ensure the conservation of soils and biodiversity, among others environmental gods; it also seeks to provide alternative sources of funds and income for the rural communities of the Municipality.

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
CarbonVerified Carbon StandardAfforestation / ReforestationNo
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