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Nazava Water Filter Project(ID: 103000000009787)

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The activity that is implemented under the “Nazava Water Filter Project” (here referred as “the proposed project”) is the sale and distribution of Nazava water filtration technology in regions of Indonesia. The applied technology is a ceramic water filter that produces water of safe drinking water quality which is further described in section A.5 below. Prior to the implementation of the proposed project, in the proposed project boundary there is limited access to clean drinking water. Lack of ready access to a water source also limit the quantity of suitable drinking water that is available to a household. Even if the water is obtained from an improved source, water that must be fetched from a source that is not readily accessible to the household and may be contaminated during transport or storage . Nationally, boiling water prior to drinking is the most common treatment method (70.1 percent of total population). The percentage of urban people and rural people boiling water is 60.0 percent and 80.1 percent, respectively . The baseline scenario is the continuation of current practice, thus identical to the existing scenario prior to the implementation of the proposed project. Under the project scenario, the proposed project will reduce GHG emissions by replacing the use of non-renewable biomass or fossil fuel to boil water to purify the water for drinking purposes. This purification method is energy intensive, creates indoor air pollution that is damaging to health, and emits significant GHG. Thus, the project activity contributes to the reduction in the GHG gas emissions associated to fossil fuel combustion for obtaining safe drinking water (SDW) as per conventional methods of water purification and also provides access to SDW to the consumers at an affordable price. The project activity will result in an annual average CO2 emission reduction of 37,277 tCO2e and 372,774 tCO2e over a 10 year crediting period. The project activity falls in the Sectoral Scope 03: “Energy Demand” and Project Type III: “Other Project Types”.

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
CarbonGold StandardEnergy Efficiency – DomesticNo
Jalan Kololonel Masturi 345 Kav 1,KM 1.4 RW 22, RT 01,West Java,Cimahi,Indonesia
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