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Balnaboth Estate
This is an extensive native woodland scheme where the Scottish Highlands interface with the Lowlands in the Angus Glens. The site is adjacent to extensive areas of natural birch that have been decaying in recent years due to grazing pressure. In the more distant past this land would have formed part of the ancient Caledonian forest, tiny vestiges of which remain 2 miles away in neighbouring Glen Clova. The objective of this plantation to correct the loss of natural woodland for the benefit of both the wood and the wildlife supported by it, in particular black game (there is at least 1 leck within 100m of this wood) and wild cat;a major survey into declining wildcat numbers was carried out on this and neighbouring land 15 years ago, and its work is currently being taken forward here by the Wildcat Action Group. An additional benefit is that this is high land, overlooking the lower slopes of Glenprosen, and 20 miles further to the Sidlaw hills. As well as adding to the views of Glenprosen, the views from the walking paths and tracks on this land are superb and the new woodland is already proving a popular walking destination. A further attraction is that walkers are attracted to come knowing that the land is no longer grouse moor, and that they will not be interrupting any sporting activity. The management intention is to encourage trees to maturity, with them largely self thinning (the strongest growers will suppress the youngest), but some (up to 5%) may need to be thinned in order to allow better growth in others, and some judicious clear felling (up to 1 ha) to maintain open viewpoints from the walking tracks. The tops of the hills are not planted, both for silvicultural reasons and to maintain viewpoints.
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