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Grouped Project for Commercial Forest Plantations Initiatives in the Department of Vichada(ID: 103000000011086)

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Fundación Natura VCS
The Grouped Project for Commercial Forest Plantations Initiatives in the Department of Vichada aims to promote investments new commercial forest plantations in Puerto Carreño Municipality. The project is based on changing the use of land from extensive cattle ranching to sustainable forest production systems, restoring natural forest cover, and creating a landscape of biological and productive corridors that produce financial, social and environmental services for the region. These impacts include the mitigation of climate change, regulation of water flows, expansion of habitat and conservation of the flora and fauna in the zone and the Orinoco region. The Project area for the first instance corresponds to the properties of La Pedregoza, El Toro, Canapro, El Diamante and Horizonte Verde, located at the veredas Caño Negro, Aceito, La Esmeralda and Campo Alegre, in the municipality of Puerto Carreño (Department of Vichada, Colombia). The land within the project boundary is degraded grassland for all cases of the grouped instances, as they all occur in the same baseline conditions. Such grasslands grasslands have been historically subject to burns that took place with the objective to reduce tree covers and expand grasslands in order to develop extensive cattle ranching activities. However, all properties conserve remnants of gallery forests and natural areas. For the first instance, it is expected to reforest around 8,700 ha with commercial plantations, using the species Acacia mangium, Eucalyptus tereticornis, Eucalyptus pellita Hevea brasiliensis, Anacardium occidentale, Pinus caribaea and other 25 native species. The project is expected to capture 1,185,191 tCO2e in 30 years, with an average annual GHG emission of 39,506 tCO2e.

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CarbonVerified Carbon StandardAfforestation / ReforestationNo
Vichada/Puerto Carreño,Colombia
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