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Varahi Tail Race Small Hydro Power Project of SPCL in Karnataka(ID: 104000000012343)

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The project activity is small containment run-of-the river project of 22.5 MW installed capacity comprising 3 units of 7.5 MW capacity each. It is located on lower reaches of western scarps of Western Ghats. The project activity contemplates utilization of tail race water of Varahi Underground Power House Station . (VUGPH), available drop between tail race of VUGPH and Varahi pick-up dam and water from independent catchment up to weir on river Varahi just downstream of VUGPH tail race confluence. Maximum gross head available is about 47.5 m and minimum gross head is 44.4 m. The total of tailrace "discharge from VUGPH. and flows from independent catchment varies from maximum of 72.0 m3/s to minimum of about I5.0 m3/s. Design head of 38.0 m and design discharge of 23.6 m3/s per unit has been adopted. The project activity generates approximately 120.0 GWh electricity per annum and sells it to Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Sandur Power Company Limited (SPCL), owner of the project activity, believes that the project activity would greatly contribute to the sustainable development of the host country (India). Government of India has stipulated the following indicators for sustainable development in the interim approval guidelines1 for CDM projects.

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CarbonGold StandardSmall, Low-Impact HydroNo
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