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Deenethorpe Estate (ID: 104000000014111)

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Lockhart Garratt Limited
Deenethorpe Airfield (P2017, 2018): A total of 38.304 ha of new woodland has been created over two planting seasons (16-17 and 17-18) and located adjacent to the airfield at Deenethorpe, Northamptonshire. It is predominantly new broadleaved woodland with strategically created open space (up to 20% of the total area). The new woodland is made up of five distinct blocks and surrounds two thirds of the airfield. The new woodland links, extends and buffers mainly ancient woodland (ASNW) e.g. Concrete Wood and Langley Coppice and a SSSI ASNW (Weldon Park) and in time will greatly improve the setting of the airfield and more widely contribute to enhancing the Rockingham Forest landscape. Deenethorpe West (P2019): Two blocks amounting to 2.46 ha total/gross area and expands on existing broadleaved woodland next to the A43 and two country lanes on the Deenethorpe Estate, Northamptonshire, England. All planting was completed in December 2018. The long term vision is to create and establish an attractive, mixed & mainly native woodland. Pedunculate oak forms the main component with 20% conifer comprising four species. The new woodland is expected to provide the following benefits in addition to carbon sequestration; link and enhance existing, fragmented woodland and riparian habitats next to the Weldon Brook; reduce flood risk by slowing surface water runoff during storm events decreasing risk of particulate and nutrient pollution upstream of the Deene Park Lake and confluence with the Willow Brook. Deene Park New Woods (P2020): A further 12.35 ha (gross/total) of new woodland has been created. The vision for all four compartments can be summarised as follows: Creation of productive woodland with woodfuel, timber and carbon sequestration capability whilst improving local water quality and reducing flood risk. For compartments 52-53, both provide a buffer and link three large existing areas of ancient and/or semi-natural woodland to create one single ecological landscape unit. The remaining two compartments, 54-55, both are designed to enhance existing woodland on the edge of the registered park and provide additional screening and separation between Deene Park and Deene Village to the east and the Prior's Hall residential development and the expansion of Corby to the west.
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    CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeMixed mainly thinningNo
    North Northamptonshire,Corby,England
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