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Faughan Valley Mosaic(ID: 104000000014499)

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Woodland Trust
The woodland and open spaces at Faughan Valley are planned and designed to bring people and organisations together around a common vision for the Valley. This will be achieved by creating the links between the different woodlands and owners, encouraging public access on land owned by others and acquiring land where gaps exist. This PDD relates to land we own and does not include third party land. The site will also be used as a best practice demonstration site for actions and measures that mitigate the effects of Chalara ash dieback disease. A further function of the demonstrated practices will aim to influence others in the area through direct and sustained engagement with landowners, particularly on the issues of disease, ancient woodland protection and invasive species. The project has a tourism objective by aiming to put Faughan Valley on the map by working with tourism agencies and local businesses. This has already commenced by erecting signage in the area raising awareness for landowners Through these objectives we to be leading the way in woodland management creating a landscape where change can be felt over the generations, supported by the Woodland Trust as a long-term player with representatives on the ground. The commencement of Faughan Valley Mosaic is the aspiration to deliver an inspirational experience for people by making the Faughan Valley the destination for woodland in Northern Ireland

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    CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeNo thinning or clearfellNo
    Derry,Claudy,Northern Ireland
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