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Hedley Hall East(ID: 104000000015396)

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Woodland Trust
This woodland creation site extends on the existing Woodland Trust property being a mix of ancient woodland, which cloaks the long, narrow valley of Ridley Gill, and previously established new native woodland planted in 1992. The wood is brimming with birdlife, and contains open grassland, wetlands, small woodland ponds and a grazed wildflower meadow as well as the extensive woodland, accessible by previously constructed unsurfaced paths. The new planting area will cover 10.9ha buffering and enhancing the adjacent habitats presently managed by the Trust. Hedley Hall extension was acquired by the Trust in May 2017, extends to a further 13.6ha. The land has been split up into two fields that have been used for grazing and grass cutting for many years. There are the remnants of old coal mining activities reputed to be on site. Hares are often seen, along with roe deer, with short eared owls and kestrels regular visitors. The extension allows the creation of a more diverse habitat on a piece of land that is currently habitat poor. The new Woodland will buffer the effects of farming, increase biodiversity by utilising the existing waterlogged areas to create wetland and a pond and by planting varieties of trees and shrub species suited to the local conditions and future proofing for our changing environment.

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CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeContinuous cover systemNo
Tyne & Wear,Kibblesworth,England
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