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Smithills Phase 2(ID: 104000000015993)

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Woodland Trust
The iconic 1700-acre (688-hectare) Smithills Estate is the largest site ever acquired in England by the Woodland Trust. Steeped in history and shadowed by the famous Winter Hill TV mast, it’s a rich mosaic of grassland, farmland, moorland, wooded cloughs and bog habitats, crisscrossed by dry stone walls, with panoramic views over Bolton to Manchester who have access to the site. Many features are in need of restoration, such as the dry stone walls and paths and the dried-out blanket bogs, but the key reason for the Trust is to link and buffer Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland in a landscape of fragmented habitats. Our woodland management approach to new planting will be no clearfell areas and objectives will be achieving sustainable woodland cover. Objectives: 1. The Trust is looking to achieve a resilient upland fringe landscape with a mosaic of healthy habitats that support a rich diversity of wildlife, that supports local livelihoods and is accessible to the local community. 2. The conservation objective will be met by restoring the moorland habitat, protecting & expanding the heathland habitat, improving the grassland habitats and watercourses. 3. The objective of woodland creation will be met by linking and expanding the woodland habitat. This will be achieved primarily through tree planting using native broadleaf species. New woodland will be located to extend and buffer ASNW. 4. The objective to connect people with woodland and trees will be met by encouraging a wide range of social enterprises to develop on the estate. A local board will promote the opportunities and facilitate their establishment. Enterprises will provide people with skills and training, support livelihoods and provide income to support site management. This objective will also be met by improving access across the estate. Improvements will fit with creating a destination site and consist of: increased safe parking capacity, clear welcome signage, new routes, waymarked circular routes, for a range of user groups (family, cycling and horse riding)

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CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeNo thinning or clearfellNo
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